Hopewell Square Christmas Market – City Island (12th-15th December)

Hi guys!

Quick update to say that I’ll be heading over to Hopewell Square’s Christmas Market on the 12th-14th December (unfortunately I can’t make it on the 15th for family commitments). I’ll be selling lots of Christmas decorations, small gifts and some crochet kits too.

There will be an ice rink as well, so anyone who fancies it should head on over!

Find out more on the City Island website 


FREE PATTERN: Snowflake Pot Holder

You Will Need

1x Paintbox Yarns Recycled Ribbon
7mm Hook


Snowflake Pot holder

Using a 7mm hook and Paintbox Yarns Recycled Ribbon in White, doing 6 chains and join with a slip stitch.

Rnd 1: 12 double crochets into the centre of the ring. Join with a slip stitch into the first double.

Rnd 2: Chain 4, skip the next double and slip stitch into the next stitch. Repeat around until you have 6 loops coming out of your centre ring.

Rnd 3: Do 2 double crochets, chain 1, and do another 2 double crochets into the first loop. Repeat into each loop around. Join with a slip stitch into the first double crochet.

Rnd 4: Do a slip stitch into the back loop only of the next 2 double crochets, then slip stitch into the chain space made with the chain 1 in the previous round.*Chain 4 and join into the gap between sets of chain 4 from round 3. Chain 4 and slip stitch into the chain space.* Repeat between * around. Join with a slip stitch.

Rnd 5: Repeat round 3.

Rnd 6: *Chain 6, double crochet into second chain from hook, and into the next chain. (Chain 3, double crochet into the second chain from hook and into the next chain) twice. Repeat between * one more. Double crochet into the next chain (joining them back together to form a tri-point), chain 1 and join into the next chain- space.* Repeat between * another five times. Join with a slip stitch and fasten off. Weave in your ends. You are done!

The Flower Series: Lilies

Making flowers is my favourite thing to crochet, but I am really behind in writing up the patterns for them. But here I am, with the first in the Flowers Series. Crochet Lilies. I first made a lily years ago, it lives on its own on my Mum’s mantle piece. Eventually I refined the process, and a single flower now takes an hour to make… A bouquet can take a while.

For this video I have used DMC Natura Just Cotton (my go-to for finer flowers) and a 3mm hook (I’m a tight crocheter).


You Will Need

1x DMC Natura Just Cotton
3mm hook
Glue gun
Orange acrylic paint

FREE PATTERN: Valentine’s Hearts

You will need

1x Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in your chosen colour
4mm hook

Blank card
Broach pin

Make a magic ring, and ch 1 to secure.
Rnd 1:
 Ch 2, 3 tr, 3 htr, ch 2, 3 htr, 3 tr, ch 2 and secure with a sl st into ring. Pull the ring tightly closed.
Rnd 2: dc into the next 2 ch, 2 tr into the next 3 sts, tr into the next 3 sts, (tr, dtr, tr) into the ch-sp. Tr into the next 3 sts, 2 tr into the next 3 sts. dc into the 2 ch sts.
Rnd 3: dc into the first 2 sts, (htr, tr) into the next st, *2 tr, tr* 2 times, tr in next 4 sts, (tr, dtr, tr) into the dtr of previous round, tr 4 times, *tr, 2 tr* 2 times, (tr, htr), dc into the last 2 sts.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Alternative, stop at rnd 2 and create a slightly smaller heart.