24 Days of Crochetmas: Day 4 – Christmas Blanket Square 2

For this project there will be 12 different types square. 6 will be different stitch swatches, that aren’t your normal Double or Treble crochet, and 6 will be Christmas-themed motifs. You’ll just have to wait and see what they are!

If you don’t want to make it Christmas-themed, then you can simply do the plain squares in lots of different colours, or keep it in one colour and bring the fun with the different types of stitch. You will end up with 12 squares, 6 plain squares, and 6 patterned squares. You can do this in any combination that you like, so make sure you pay attention to the yarn amounts of each square.

Square 2: The Christmas Tree motif

You will need

1 x Chunky yarn in cream
1 x Chunky yarn in purple (or your chosen colour) (I have used Women’s Institute Soft & Chunky, 70% acrylic, 30% merino)
10mm hook (this gives a slightly looser tension, I also hold my yarn quite tightly)

9 tr x 4tr and 4dc to 10 x 10 cm

Finished size
Approx 30x45cm

Special Stitches
Popcorn st: Complete 4 tr into the same st. Take out the hook from the last loop, and insert it into the top of the first st of the popcorn cluster, insert hook into the free loop and pull through the loop on the hook. Ch 1.


Ch 25 sts.

Row 1: tr into the 4th ch from hook. tr in all chs along. The first three ch sts count as a tr. (23 sts)

In row 2 you will start to add in the popcorn stitches which form the image. Work from the chart below, I have used cream for the popcorn stitches, but you could use the base colour if you don’t feel happy stitching colours.

Note: Swap colours in these places 1) on the last YO of the tr before each popcorn stitch 2) on the last YO before you take the hook out of the popcorn st. This will ensure a neat finish, without seeing the colour changes so evidently. See the photos below for a helping hand.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as a tr here and throughout) Following the colour chart (Working form the bottom up) tr for every purple st, and then popcorn st in cream, and change back to purple for a tr for every white square. If you didn’t want to change colour between, you could make the whole motif in white, or alternatively, make the whole thing purple.

Row 3: Ch 1. dc into each st across. Skip the tops of the white Vs/sts as this will put in more sts than you should have. (23 sts)

Rows 4-14: Repeat Row 2 & 3 until you reach the end of the popcorn rows.

Row 15: Ch 3, tr into next st and across until the end.

Edging: Ch 1, 3 dc into first st, dc around the entire rectangle, with 3 dc in each corner until you reach the top again. 25 sts on the top and bottom, 44 on the sides.

You are done! Block the square and set aside ready for the rest of the squares to come!

Square 3 will be posted on the 6th.

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