Crochetmas Announcement

Apologies for the sudden lack of Crochetmas, and especially the mystery crochet along.

Last Monday I ended up in a rather nasty car accident, during which I hit some black ice on a corner and on avoiding a car coming the other way ended up overturned in a field. Don’t threat, however, both myself and the lovely dog are absolutely fine, and the only injury that I sustained was a bruise from my seatbelt. The car is another matter!

Obviously this has had a knock-on effect with everything else, and I have been unable to keep up with the Advent posts.

If you would like the patterns for the rest of the blanket, don’t hesitate to ask and I should be able to send over the rest of the patterns asap. Sadly, however, I don’t have the time to currently make the rest of the projects, with sorting out everything with getting a new car etc.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday period, and I will see you with some new patterns in the New Year!


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