Tutorial: How to Crab Stitch (Reverse Double/Single Crochet)

Crab stitch (aka reverse double (single) crochet) is a great way to edge your projects, it offer a nice neat edging but also a fun detail. It looks super complicated, but is actually quite easy.

In this post I cover the few simple steps to the perfect crab stitch.

Step 1: Make a slip knot and have over your hook, then insert your hook into your chosen starting stitch. Yarn over and chain to attach your yarn.

Step 2: You will be working backwards, so if you’re right handed, and usually work right to left, you’ll be working left to right, and vice versa if you’re left handed. Insert your hook into the next stitch, and yarn over. When you draw up a loop, make sure you don’t accidentally pull your yarn over through the loop – keeping it by the hook end – as this will end up making a normal-looking stitch.

Step 3: Yarn over, and complete your stitch. And keep going!

Corners: When you reach a corner, do (crab, ch, crab) into the corner space to create a neat bend, or do 3 crab stitches if you’re looking for more of a bend.

Ending: Do a stitch into the same place you joined your yarn originally. Cut your yarn and before you weave in your end loop a few stitches matching the look of the crab stitch, then darn in.

**Apologies for the video cutting off, my camera ran out of space and I couldn’t get any more footage. Nightmare!**

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