How to Crochet: Lesson One – Foundation Chain

Welcome to the first lesson in the How to Crochet series.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a chain (ch) in crochet.

Helpful Links: Terminology Guide | US Video | UK Video

Step-by-step guide 

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around your fingers
Taking the tail end of the yarn, wrap around your fingers in ordered to start your slip knot.


Step 2: Bring the tail end through the loop
Bring the tail end of your yarn through the hoop, making sure to leave some of it behind.


Step 3: Pull on the working yarn to tighten
Pull on the working yarn (not the tail end) to tighten the knot around the yarn.


Step 4: Pull on the working yarn to make the loop smaller
Make your loop smaller by pulling on the tail end. Make sure you can freely move your yarn loop up and down your hook – it’s important that you’re able to work easily, so don’t make it too tight.


Step 5: Doing a yarn over
Holding your working yarn behind your hook (at the back of your work), you will bring it over the top of your hook to the front. The first time you do this can be a little fiddly, but you’ll soon get used to it, don’t worry! You will do so many yarn overs in your crochet career they will become a second nature in, well, seconds.


Step 6: Pull yarn through the loop on your hook
This is where it is gets very fiddly while you are learning. Once you are used to it, you will not even register doing this any more. I transfer the tail end into my left hand (right if you’re left handed), and the working yarn between my index and middle fingers to make my grip secure. I am then free to move my right hand to slightly twist the hook so that the tip of the hook goes into the base of the ‘v’ shape. Pull this through the loop on the hook and you’ll end up with a loop on your hook as you create your chain stitches.


Step 7: Keep going!
Keep bringing your yarn over, and creating your chain stitches. Remembering to bring your yarn from the back to the front, never from the front to the back (trust me, it gets extra fiddly if you try!) until you have made your required number of chain stitches in your pattern.


Step 8: Counting your chains
To count your chains you are looking for the ‘v’ shapes that interlace into each other. If you’re seeing a confusing series of bumps, turn your chain around. You should find if you haven’t twisted your chain while making it that these ‘v’s are facing you. When you count these ‘v’s, do NOT count the loop on your hook. This never counts as a stitch.

You have now completed Lesson One!

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