How to Crochet: Lesson Two – Double (Single) Crochet

Welcome to the first lesson in the How to Crochet series.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a chain (ch) in crochet.

Helpful Links: Terminology Guide | US Video | UK Video

Lesson One: Foundation Chain here

Step-by-step guide 

Step 1: Make your turning chain
In order to keep your crochet even, at the start of each row you will need to create a ‘turning chain’. For a double (single) crochet you will need one extra chain.


Step 2: Identify your chain
Having learn to count your chains in Lesson One, you will insert your hook in the second chain from the hook. Not counting the loop on your hook.


Step 3: Insert your hook
You will push your hook through the ‘v’ you have just identified.


Step 4: Yarn over and draw up a loop
Yarn over – always from back to front – and pull this loop through the chain stitch that is currently on your hook. You will have two loops left on your hook. Pulling the yarn through the hole is called ‘drawing up a loop’.


Step 5: Yarn over and draw through two
Yarn over your hook, and pull it through both the loops on your hook. You will be left with one loop on your hook once again. You have completed your stitch!


Step 6: Identify your stitches
On the front of your work (which is facing you as you worked along the stitches around the chain) you will see ten ‘v’s, these are your stitches. Turn your work, and you will see bars going across the backs of these ‘v’s.


Step 7: Working the next row
Don’t forget to do you turning chain. When working into the tops of stitches, go under both parts of the ‘v’s on the top of the stitches, if you have gone in through the correct hole, this will happen easily.

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