Indie Spotlight: Flock on the Plain

© Gina Jones of Flock on the Plain

I first came across Gina and Flock on the Plain in a news article in our local paper, as she was opening up her own independent yarn shop locally. This was really exciting, and I headed down on opening week to check it out.

I love this little unit in Woodborough, Wiltshire. It’s situated in a small collection of independent stores including a local garden centre and a lovely little cafe, it’s a crafty quarter so Gina’s Flock on the Plain sits perfectly between its peers.

What I love most about FotP is the fact that Gina is there all the time, running workshops and really driving home that craft is for everybody. She’s encouraging children of all genders and backgrounds to pick up crafts, she imparts her knowledge on to others on a regular basis and even shares her dyeing techniques.

© Gina Jones of Flock on the Plain

Her weekly Knit and Natter is a joy to be a part of, even when there was only a small group of us it was such a wonderful atmosphere. Gina really cares about quality, and individuals. She’s a breath of fresh air and, frankly, she gives a shit about what she’s selling. She knows her stuff and she sells it well.

Her yarns are gorgeously dyed and the variety is baffling, how she manages as a one-woman show I can’t fathom.

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