Interview: Thistle Dubh Ewe

I had the pleasure of going to Perth Festival of Yarn at the start of September, and I met a wonderful and inspiring bunch of people, including Louise from Thistle Dubh Ewe. Lou is a 45-year-old Scot, which are two facts that are very important to know about her. “It informs everything I am and everything I do, including my business. And my age? Well, I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m finally pretty comfortable in my own skin; happy with my choices and the person I’ve become. Not an easy place to get to.”

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Make a Hat Day: Reversible Pom Puff Hat

Happy Make a Hat Day, crocheters! Free for the next week, is my Reversible Pom Puff Hat. I had great fun making it, and it doesn’t take much time at all.

The Reversible Bobble Hat is made to fit the average adult head – there is a certain amount of give in the yarn, so should fit all.

You will need:

King Cole Timeless Chunky (or any Chunky yarn will do!)
1x Rosebud (A)
1x Peppercorn (B)
7mm hook
Pom pom maker (or cardboard)

Available to download on LoveCrafts | Etsy | Ravelry