Make a Hat Day: Reversible Pom Puff Hat

Happy Make a Hat Day, crocheters! Free for the next week, is my Reversible Pom Puff Hat. I had great fun making it, and it doesn’t take much time at all.

The Reversible Bobble Hat is made to fit the average adult head – there is a certain amount of give in the yarn, so should fit all.

You will need:

King Cole Timeless Chunky (or any Chunky yarn will do!)
1x Rosebud (A)
1x Peppercorn (B)
7mm hook
Pom pom maker (or cardboard)

Available to download on LoveCrafts | Etsy | Ravelry



Coming Soon: Updates and Upcoming things!

Hey all, it’s been a mad few months working full time and studying for my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, and I am pleased to say I passed my exam on Thursday with 74%. Hurrah!

So now I have a bit of time to apply these new learned skills to Crochet Bouquet, and I’ve got some fun and exciting things coming up.

Christmas Tree


I’ve noticed that my Christmas Tree pattern is the most popular, and with Christmas coming up I’ve put together some kits to sell, which will be up on Etsy in the next few days. Included is the tinsel, some decorations (little wooden ones) and the yarn for the tree and the star (but also a little wooden star if you don’t fancy making it!) I’ve only got a handful at the moment, but if they go well I’ll definitely be making some more!

I was also talking to a lady at a craft fair and she said she would like to see some kits for beginners, a basic scarf, hat and mittens sort of things, so I shall be designing and making up a couple over the next month and hopefully get these up soon.

Christmas Cards

Both to buy made and to make yourself. I’m in the process of designing them and writing up the patterns, so the patterns should be available in the next couple of weeks, followed by some kits to make your own as well! I’ll also we working on some floral designs as well over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for those! There is a quick peak below at one of the designs!

Reindeer Card


Along with the beginner kits, I am going to start putting up some how-to videos, starting with the basic stitches, and then ranging into the more fun and complicated stuff, so if there is anything you want to see, let me know by sending me an email, or sending me a tweet or Instagram message (Links on the side!)

Advent 2018!

After an accident put a halt on Advent last year, I plan on doing a Christmas Blanket Crochet Along for advent! There will be a square a day, probably worked in a chunky yarn, with some motifs and things, but I am currently working on it and coming up with the motifs!

Review: Granny Square Weekend

Granny Square Weekend by Emma Varnam
GMC Publications

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love a good Granny Square. I came across Emma’s previous venture, Granny Square Home, last year and I instantly fell in love. I love the inventive use of the traditional crochet technique. So when Granny Square Weekend landed in my inbox I was thrilled. Emma’s designs are always brilliant, she has a fantastic sense of colour and an eye for the perfect application of my beloved Granny Square.  Continue reading “Review: Granny Square Weekend”

REVIEW: 200 Fun Things to Crochet

200 Fun Things to Crochet edited by Victoria Lyle
Search Press


200 Fun Things to Crochet is a collection of five previous titles from Search Press – 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet and 75 Birds, Butterflies & Beautiful Beasties to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield, 75 Shells, Corals & Sea Creatures by Jessica Polka, 50 Sunflowers to Knit, Crochet & Felt by Kristin Nicholas and 75 Crocheted Floral Blocks by Betty Barnden. With a large focus on floral designs, it takes the crochet sections from each of these books to collate 200 projects boarding from simple and ready for beginners  through to more complicated designs fit for improvers and advanced crocheters.

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Review: Once Upon A Time In Crochet

Once Upon a Time in Crochet by Lynne Rowe
Search Press


I am a sucker for amigurumi, nearly as much as I am for the humble Granny Square. I am even more of a sucker for amigurumi created around a theme. This book of fairytale amigurumi from Lynne Rowe is perfect. Great for lovers of animal amigurumi and cute figures alike, Once Upon a Time in Crochet is a brilliant book because not only does it cover the figurines, but it gives you the patterns to incorporate the character into their surroundings, too.

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Review: Pixel Crochet

Pixel Crochet by Hannah Meur
Search Press


Inspired by the 8-bit days of old, Hannah Meur’s book presents you with 101 cool designs to be made up with granny squares of a sizing you choose. The idea behind this book is brilliant. It’s simple and effective and so easy to execute. What’s great about Hannah’s book is that it doesn’t limit you to certain patterns, but merely shows you the pixel patterns you can use on another project of your choice.  Continue reading “Review: Pixel Crochet”