Review: Granny Square Weekend

Granny Square Weekend by Emma Varnam
GMC Publications

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love a good Granny Square. I came across Emma’s previous venture, Granny Square Home, last year and I instantly fell in love. I love the inventive use of the traditional crochet technique. So when Granny Square Weekend landed in my inbox I was thrilled. Emma’s designs are always brilliant, she has a fantastic sense of colour and an eye for the perfect application of my beloved Granny Square. 

Particularly exciting in this book is the use of Granny Squares to produce children’s building blocks, the small teddy motifs are a stroke of genius (if you saw inside Granny Square Home you would have seen her Granny Square toys that I adored). But I am specifically impressed with the use of my favoured technique for hats and scarves. In particular I love the bobble hat, the subtle colours really accentuate the beautiful simplicity of the project. It is effective in its wholesomeness.

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Varnam takes time to walk you through the techniques you will need to complete all the projects in this book, from the usual abbreviations and information about different materials, to embroidering small faces onto the children’s play blocks. There is a decent mixture of patterns that you’ll want to no doubt do them all, or at least find the perfect inspiration to create something of your own. I always come out of Emma’s book with a million ideas because she’s just so fresh with her ideas. This book is well worth the cover price, with 20 high-quality patterns.

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro, Emma’s books are always worth a look in, especially her projects within Granny Square Weekend because all of them are doable within a few hours, or over a quiet weekend, which is perfect!

Granny Square Weekend is available from GMC Books from 28th April 2018 for £14.99.

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