Review: Pixel Crochet

Pixel Crochet by Hannah Meur
Search Press


Inspired by the 8-bit days of old, Hannah Meur’s book presents you with 101 cool designs to be made up with granny squares of a sizing you choose. The idea behind this book is brilliant. It’s simple and effective and so easy to execute. What’s great about Hannah’s book is that it doesn’t limit you to certain patterns, but merely shows you the pixel patterns you can use on another project of your choice. 

Hannah presents you with numerous project ideas (made by their credited crocheters), such as bed throws, cushions and even a kids play house ingeniously held up by a washing line across the room. The offering of ideas if pitch perfect, and a excellent compliment to the pixel art in itself.

The book isn’t limited in its ideas, with everything from food and drinks (in an apt section named Yum Yum), unique icons, animals  and technology. Once you’ve got a handle on the way Hannah has built up her ideas you could apply these techniques to creating your own designs, grabbing a paper and some coloured pens to make your own pixel art – or those of you au fait with technology you could take to Excel or Photoshop.

While Hannah uses granny squares to execute her designs, you aren’t limited to following this idea, you could easily use the pixel designs and build them using double crochets (single in US terms), collections of treble (double) stitches or even built up of puff or popcorn stitches, the freedom is unlimited. One thing that does confuse, however, is the presence of A-E of the alphabet, but not the other 21 letters, or any numbers. But these are easy to make up yourself in the same style.

The book also covers how to prepare for your project, from figuring out how much yarn you will need to use for the size of granny square you have decided on, to how to make your squares and attach them to each other.

Pixel Crochet is an inspiring title, which you are bound to find a future project in, whether it’s in just the pixel art, or the full projects that come with them.

Pixel Crochet is available from Search Press for £11.99.

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