Review: Rainbow Knits

Rainbow Knits by Nicki Trench
CICO Books


Nicki Trench strikes again with Rainbow Knits. This time, instead of exploring the magic of the Granny Square, she’s taking us into the beautifully bright world of the rainbow knit, using both block colours and variegated yarns for a wonderful mix of patterns.

Like with Learn to Crochet, Nicki has a bunch of very accessible patterns for a range of difficulties. From simple bobble hats to incorporating a range of stitches to create simple toys children’s cardigans, luscious blankets, and much more. A particular favourite is the Cable Cushion with rainbow tassels. It mixes crafts with a fabric backing, beautiful lime green cabled front and brightly coloured tasseled edges.

Many of the patterns offer a good introduction to colour work, either working in block colour of bring in stranded colourwork. The tie and arm warmers for instance would be great for those still learning the best techniques for changing colour. The striped mittens are particularly eye catching with their true rainbow colouring, that and they look super cosy!

The use of mixed crafts isn’t just left to the cushion cover, however, with an embroidered purse making the most of simple daisy stitches for a cute detail.

One of the best things about the patterns is naturally that you could change the colour patterns to whatever suits your needs, if you want to simply use a variegated yarn or a solid block colour, you can, the patterns aren’t great simply because of their colours, they stand on their own.

The only one of minor concern is the toy rabbit, which is a little bit terrifying, but the techniques it uses would make good practise for future toy making.

Rainbow Knits would make a great purchase for confident beginners, with the extra techniques in teh back of the book to teach them how to advance their skills.

Rainbow Knits is available from CICO Books for £12.99.

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