Week One: Chain & Double Crochet

Your 4 blocks this week will only use these skills: a basic double crochet back and forth, stripes, a linen stitch, combining double crochets and chain stitches with different colours, and a rib stitch.

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Week Two: Treble, Half-Treble & Double-Treble

This week we will be added in a couple more taller crochet stitches called the treble crochet, the half-treble crochet and the double-treble crochet. They work much in the same way as last week’s double crochet, but before you insert your hook, you yarn over.

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Week Three: Working in the Round

This week we will add crocheting in the round into the mix, which means you can make granny squares - my personal favourite - and other signature motifs of the crochet world. 

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Week Four: Post & Crossed Stitches

Post stitches are used for a couple of reasons, paired and alternated, they can be used to create a rib-style stitch, often used on cuffs and necklines, of they can be used to created raised areas. One of this week’s squares creates the illusion of a basketweave stitch, while another creates the ‘waffle’ texture. 

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Week Five: Coming Soon

This week we will be adding a few different decorative stitches: puff, cluster, bobble and popcorn! They might look a bit confusing at first, but I promise, you just end up with a few more loops on your hook!

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Week Six: Bobble & Popcorn Stitches

This is it, your final week. We'll be adding in blocking and joining techniques this week, as well as using previously learned stitches to crreate more complicated combinations.

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