Crochet techniques: Holding your yarn & hook

Holding your yarn

Most crocheters will hold their yarn in their non-dominant hand, with some of the yarn wrapped around a finger or a few fingers to keep the tension steady. 



Holding your hook

There are two main ways to hold your crochet hook, known as the Pencil or Knife Hold. Like with all crafting, just do what is best for you, and don’t compare how you’re doing it to how others are doing it. If you’re comfortable and it works for you, it works!


Pencil grip

As the name suggests, this means you hold your hook like a pencil between your thumb and first finger, resting the length on the Y of your hand.



Knife Hold

This is the name given to the grip used when you hold the crochet hook in your fist, with all your fingers wrapped around it.


The key difference is essentially whether the handle of the hook is under or over your hand.

Note: You do you. However you are most comfortable holding your hook and yarn will be the best way for you. If you get in a tangle wrapping your yarn around multiple fingers, don’t. If you’d rather hold your hook between your fore and middle finger, then do that. There is no wrong way to do it if the final product comes out the same!