Crochet techniques: Right side vs wrong side

You will see the terms right side (RS) and wrong side (WS) in patterns. This pertains towards the fabric having a top or front (the right side) and a bottom (the wrong side). For the most part this will be most relevant when working on garments and amigurumi, and when sewing your final squares together for a project.

The ‘right’ side is often referring to the side that looks the most aesthetically pleasing when you are finished. If you are working in the round, there will be a clearer side that looks ‘nicer’ than the other if you have not turned your work between rounds.

If you are asked to ‘turn’ your work, the RS and WS rows will often be less important to the final product, unless specifically shaping for a side of a garment.

In amigurumi, the ‘right’ side is the outside of the toy, and is typically the side that looks like a series of interlocking Vs in a slight spiral, opposed to the wrong, which will look like a lumpy mess by comparison. This tilt will be less evident when working on flat pieces, and when working by turning your work, the stitches lean in opposite directions on each row, giving the illusion of it being even.


Double crochet right side - worked in the round

The right side looks like a series of Vs worked into each other. There will be a slight spiral/tilt because of how the stitches are worked into the top of each other.



Double crochet wrong side - worked in the round

The wrong side looks like the Vs have been split.