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Body One: Worked In Rows

Pumpkin Body

Using chosen pumpkin colour, ch 11 [21, 31]

ROW 1: dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc in each ch. Turn. (10 [20,30] sts)

ROW 2 (BLO): ch 1,  dc in each st. (10 [20,30] sts)

Continue to work row 2 until you have 20 [40,60] rows.

 Top Tips

Make sure you always end with your given number of stitches, the last stitch can be a little hidden. 

Body Two: In the Round


Make 8

Using a 4mm hook, ch 37.

ROW 1: dc in 2nd ch form hook, 3 dc, inc, *4 dc, inc, rep from * 4 times, dc to end.

Fasten off and leave a long end for attaching.

The Stalk & Assembly

Pumpkin Stalk

Using chosen stalk colour, ch 2. You can also use the magic ring method and ch 1.

Note: The stalk is worked in continuous rounds.

RND 1:  [6,6] dc into 2nd ch from hook (or centre of the ring).

RND 2 (blo): dc in each st.

RND 3: dc in each st.

Rep rnd 3 until you have a length you like.

Note: The next increase rounds are optional

NEXT RND: (2 dc), dc, rep from * 2 [3:3] times. (6 [9:9] sts)

NEXT RND: dc, (2 dc), dc, rep from * 2 [3:3] times. (8 [12:12] sts)

NEXT RND: (2 dc), dc in next 3 sts, rep from * 2 [3:3] times. (10 [15:15] sts)

NEXT RND: dc in next 2 sts, (2 dc), dc in next 2 sts, rep from * 2 [3:3] times. (12 [18:18] sts)

Leave a long yarn tail for assembly.

To make your stalk remain kinked, either use a piece of wire up the middle, or using a darning needle, take a length of yarn, going in around 2 stitch at the top of the stalk, take the lengths down the middle and pull until you’re happy with the amount of curl.