Octopus Amigurumi - Crochet for Beginners - Part Three - Assembly & Finishing


Take your tentacles and place them evenly around the bottom of the octopus. With the RS facing away from you, use your needle or hook to pull through the ends of the yarn and tie off in a knot, so the tentacles are ‘hanging’ from the RS of the octopus bottom.

Stuff the head of your octopus, making sure the RS is facing out - this is the neat upright Vs, opposed to what looks like Pi symbols ().

Holding the bottom and head together, crochet through both pieces to work the skirt:


Join to any st.

RND 1: *2 dc, inc, 2 dc, rep from * 6 times. (30 sts)

RND 2: *sk 1, 4 htr into next st, sk 1, sl st into next st, rep from * to end.

Fasten off and eave in your ends.

Now take your black yarn and stitch on a face approx at row 8. But you can place this to your liking!