Welcome to the 13 Days of Swiftmas

Welcome to the 13 Days of Swiftmas, something that is designed to be fun for all Swifties alike.

2 patterns a day for 13 days.

  • Order the Bundle

    If you order the Bundle of 13 patterns, you'll pay £19.89 for 13 patterns - that's a saving of nearly £13 (£12.61). You'll receive each pattern at 12pm GMT, straight to your inbox (technology permitting).

  • Purchasing Separately

    Don't want all 13 patterns? Each day each pattern will be made available separately for £2.50. You will only receive that day's patterns in your download.

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How does it work?

Each day you will be granted access to the next part of the ‘Swiftmas’ calendar, which will include a colour chart for use with crochet, cross stitch or knitting, and a cute little motif that you can make too.

Patterns will be released at 12pm London/GMT time (7am EST, 4am WST), for no other reason that I live in the UK, and that’s when I’ll be awake.