The Eras CAL - Double Crochet (UK)/Single Crochet (US)

The double crochet is made by inserting your hook, then yarning over to pull up a loop, then sealing off the stitch with another yarn over, pulling through the loops.

1) In a chain, insert your hook into the second chain from the hook, so you have 2 loops on your hook.

2) Then yarn over and pull through the chain loop only.

3) You will now have 2 loops on the hook.

4) Yarn over again and pull through both the loops on the hook.

5) You have now completed your double (single) crochet stitch. For your next stitch you will go into the next chain along, do not skip any.

6) As you work rows, you will start to notice a ‘hexagon’ shape start to form every pair of rows. This will help you to count how many rows there are.


Identifying your yarn overs

One issue you may find yourself running into early on is catching the yarns and bringing both through, only going through one loop and not knowing how many more you need to go through.

Pulling up a loop

One of the most common issues with double crochets, is people wanting to pull their first loop straight through all the loops on their hook. When you pull back through the chain or stitch, stop. Do not pull through the other loops on your hook. You want to make sure you do a yarn over, and then pull through the loops on your hook.

The pull through 2

Here you can see the V shape that forms when you pull through the first stitch. You know to pull through the next loop on your hook if you still have 2 left on the hook.

If you don’t see a V beneath the loop closest to the hook end then you need to do your first yarn over and pull through.

Once you have pulled through the second loop on your hook, you will have 1 loop left on your hook. You will see that a more sideways V has formed, with a horizontal bar going across.


Identifying mistakes

Pulling 2 through

If you accidentally pull the first loop through along with your yarn over, then you will notice that you still have the same amount of loops on your hook that you started with before the yarn over.

To correct it, simply take the incorrect loops off your hook and pull on your working yarn to pull them back, then re-insert your hook into the loops and go again.


Doing too many yarn overs

If you do a yarn over and pull through when you have only pulled through one of the 2 loops as a part of the stitch, then you will notice that a chain starts to form instead of bars across the stitch.

To rectify, take out your hook and pull back to the one chain-like stitch appears, then re-insert your hook and continue the stitch.