The Eras CAL - Double-Treble Crochet (UK)/Treble Crochet (US)

The double-treble crochet is the tallest commonly used stitch. It is much like the treble crochet, but you do 2 yarn overs before you insert your hook. This results in there being 4 loops on your hook once you have pulled up your loop, and you will repeat the ‘yarn over, pull through 2’ 3 times, rather than 2, to create a taller stitch.

1) Yarn over twice before you insert your hook.

2) Insert your hook into the stitch. If you are working a 1st stitch into a chain, this will be the 4th chain from hook.

3) Yarn over again and pull through the next 2 loops on your hook.

4) After your second pull through 2, it looks like a Treble crochet formed, with two loops left on your hook.

5) Yarn over and pull through the final 2 loops on your hook. This completes the stitch, and makes it taller than your treble (double) crochet.

The final height of a double-treble sits at 3 times the size of a double (single) crochet.