Welcome to Week Five of your Crochet for Beginners Course. This week, your squares will bring together the techniques and stitches you have learned into slightly more complex variants, while also adding in two final decorative stitches: popcorn and bobble stitches. 

Bobble stitches have become increasingly popular in crochet designs in the last few years, and add good fun to the designs. 

We will also touch on the technique of ‘blocking’ your squares, which requires wetting and pinning your squares to make sure they’re all the same size, ready for assembly.

Finally, we will look at the different ways you can connect your squares together and add a border, the finishing touch for your blanket.

  • Popcorn Stitch

    The only time you will take your hook out of your work deliberately to create another bobbly stitch.

  • Bobble Stitch

    Similar to a cluster, but worked with 5 sets of stitches into the space, and then working a small stitch to make it pop.

  • V Stitch

    Working (tr, ch, tr) into the same stitch, then working into the chain space on subsequent rows to create a neat V pattern.