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Crochet Bouquet

The 13 Days of Swiftmas 2023 - Day Eight

The 13 Days of Swiftmas 2023 - Day Eight

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Welcome to The 13 Days of Swiftmas, something that is designed to be fun for all Swifties alike.

How does it work?

Each day you will be granted access to the next part of the ‘Swiftmas’ calendar, which will include a colour chart for use with crochet, cross stitch or knitting, and a cute little motif that you can make too.

By ordering a Day pattern, you will only receive one colour chart and decoration.

Receive daily updates (13 charts and 13 patterns) by ordering the full bundle. You will save nearly £13 (£12.61) compared to ordering each day individually. 

Patterns will be released at 12pm London/GMT time (7am EST, 4am WST). Technology permitting, these will arrive in your inbox automatically.

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