Welcome to Week Five of your Crochet for Beginners Course. This week we will be adding the Puff Stitch! A slightly different stitch that creates a puffy, warm cluster of longer loops grouped together. 

It might look a bit confusing, but I promise, it’s the same as what you have already done, only the loops you pull up come up to the height of the treble stitch, rather than the standard double.

This week we will also add the Cluster stitch - worked a lot like a tr2tog! You will often find motif squares that group these stitches together to create fun textures, so we will do it too! 

We will also look at, as promised in week one, working under the back bump of the foundation chain. This is a great technique to have when working things like puff stitches into it as it doesn’t misshapen the chain so much when you are pulling up a loop. 

  • Working under both bumps

    Some patterns will call for you to work under the back bump on the chain as well as the top loop you usually work under. This creates a more secure start, with a smooth line over the base of the stitch. 

    Learn the technique 
  • Puff Stitch

    The puff stitch is one of the only stitches in crochet that requires you to do something more than simply yarning over and pulling up a loop.

  • Cluster Stitch

    Cluster stitches are worked similarly to the decrease stitches, which sometimes leads to them being referred to as ‘tr3tog’ into the same space.