Welcome to Week Two of your Crochet for Beginners Course. This week we will be adding in a taller common crochet stitch: the treble crochet. 

They work much in the same way as last week’s double crochet, but before you insert your hook, you yarn over. This results in there being 3 loops on your hook once you pull up a loop, instead of the 2 that would be on your hook for a double crochet.

This week we will add crocheting in the round into the mix, which means you can make granny squares - my personal favourite - and other signature motifs of the crochet world. 

There are a few ways to start in the round, some easier to get your head around than others. A chain start is the simplest way, but can lead to a looser centre. The magic ring is your friend for bringing you close to a tighter start. 

It can be a little fingers and thumbs, but once you crack it, you’ll understand the benefits.

Working in the round comes in a few formats: joined rounds and a continuous spiral. Both have a few applications, the main ones being squares for blankets and other projects, and amigurumi (there’s a whole other course in there!).

  • Working in the Round

    Taking the next step into granny squares and working in circles.

  • Treble Crochet

    Yarning over before you insert your hook, helps create a stitch twice the height of a double.

  • Slip Stitch

    The smallest stitch with no additional yarn overs.