Welcome to Week Two of your Crochet for Beginners Course, did you survive week one okay?

I hope so! This week we will be adding in a couple more taller crochet stitches called the treble crochet and the half-treble crochet.

They work much in the same way as last week’s double crochet, but before you insert your hook, you yarn over. This results in there being 3 loops on your hook once you pull up a loop, instead of the 2 that would be on your hook for a double crochet.

We will also add the double-treble crochet your arsenal. Worked similarly to the treble, only you yarn over twice before you go into your stitch. More on those shortly. 

There aren’t many new techniques this week - you learnt so many last week it only seemed fair! - we are adding in increases and decreases. This, put simply, means doing 2 or more stitches into the same space. To decrease, you join 2 stitches together. 

  • Treble Crochet

    Yarning over before you insert your hook, helps create a stitch twice the height of a double.

  • Half-Treble Crochet

    If you pull through all the loops on your hook, then you'll create this stitch.

  • Double-Treble Crochet

    Adding in another yarn over will create an even taller stitch.